Case Studies

More case studies are coming soon following the launch of the Mindful Nation UK report


DCI Mark Preston, Major Crime Team, Surrey & Sussex Police Force

I’ve been a police officer for 25 years and am now a Detective Chief Inspector in Surrey and Sussex, Major Crime Team. I’m responsible for murder investigation – the pressure can make this a very lonely role. The demands being made on public sector workers are increasing. It’s very hard being in a leadership role when you can see the impact of these pressures bearing down on your staff, for whom you feel responsible. Policing is more than a full-time job, on top of which I feel as though I have a particularly hectic private life. Since I started practising mindfulness in 2013, I’ve noticed that I’m calmer and more likely to feel compassionate towards victims, witnesses and even offenders. I think that has implications for evidence-gathering, crime detection, victim satisfaction and community relations. Learning that I have a choice as to how I respond to something has helped remove the causes of some of my stresses in life. Mindfulness has also helped me to de-escalate conflict and to deal with everything happening in my life – I honestly believe it has helped me become a better father and husband, but also a better leader for those I’m honoured to lead.