Mindfulness in Northern Ireland

The NICE Guidelines for the Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults outlines that Mindfulness is a skills based programme that enables people to prevent the recurrence of in those affected by the illness. AWARE, the only charity in Northen Ireland working exclusively for those with depression, has been delivering Mindfulness across NI for the past 18 months into community groups, deprived areas across NI, into schools and the workplace and other settings. With close to 1000 people having undertaken a course or workshop to date and the hugely positive feedback, a further 45 Mindfulness Programmes will be delivered in 2015/16.

To date AWARE’s Mindfulness Programme has been integrated into, public, private and the third sector, businesses, business network organisations, trade associations, community groups, universities, colleges and schools. From evaluative findings the six week programmes piloted in the spring have proved extremely successful. This success prompted the launch of 30 workshops throughout all six counties of Northern Ireland during the summer 2015. As AWARE now approaches its Autumn Programme, it has introduced training materials which blend the hard scientific facts of Mindfulness with intelligent creativity designed to facilitate the awakening of the senses.

To find out more about AWARE and mindfulness programs offered by AWARE in various regions of NI please check here: http://www.aware-ni.org/pages/index.asp?title=Mindfulness