Parliamentary Roundtable on Mindfulness

20th May 2014 , 2.45-4.45pm Portcullis House, Westminster

Mindfulness in the workplace: Opportunities and challenges

One of the most striking illustrations of the boom in mindfulness is the huge range of consultants and schemes offering mindfulness training in the workplace. There is a wide variety of quality of training and supervision, and some real questions about the integrity of some of the work. Research has lagged behind the popularity and take up.

This roundtable is intended to be an exploratory discussion on some common concerns around how to establish robust evidence and ensure quality.

Each speaker will talk for 5-7 minutes thus leaving plenty of time for other contributions. Madeleine Bunting, Associate Editor of the Guardian, will chair

The two-hour session will be split into two parts. The first will consider the opportunities, the second the challenges:

1. Why is mindfulness proving so popular in the workplace? On what kind of organizational issues is it perceived to be an effective response?

Speakers: Roland Lamb, entrepreneur and inventor, founder of; Michael Chaskalson, mindfulness trainer and author; Gary Heads, founder of Living Mindfully; Joel Levey, mindfulness trainer and author in the US.

2. What are the challenges to producing robust research and ensuring quality? What research is there?

Speakers: Professor Willem Kuyken, Professor of Clinical Psychology Exeter; Chris Tamdjidi, TSL partners; Dr Sharon Hadley, Business Manager, Bangor.

The event will take place in room R, Portcullis House, The Embankment, Houses of Parliament. Please arrive 20 minutes before the start to ensure you have time to get through security. On clearing security, head up the stairs to the first floor. An information desk is straight ahead as you arrive on the first floor where you can be directed to Room R.

This event is part of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group’s (MAPPG) inquiry into the role of mindfulness in public policy. It has been organized by The Mindfulness Initiative, a collaboration of the three universities with centres of research and training on mindfulness, Exeter, Bangor and Oxford. The Initiative, founded by Madeleine Bunting and Chris Cullen in 2013, is supporting the MAPPG. It is dedicated to advocacy and research about the role of mindfulness in public policy.