Media Coverage

Media coverage of The Mindfulness Initiative

BBC Breakfast (part 1) - Launch of Mindful Nation UK

BBC Breakfast (part 2) - Mindfulness in schools

Mindfulness in the mainstream: an old solution to modern problems (Guardian)

Mindfulness has huge health potential – but McMindfulness is no panacea (Jon Kabat-Zinn, Guardian)

Tracey Crouch, MP, Reveals How Mindfulness Helped Her Combat Anxiety And Depression, At Mindful Nation UK Report Launch (Huffington Post)

195 MPs, peers and staff attend mindfulness classes (

Mindful Nation UK Report on Mental Health in Public Policy (Mindful)

From personal mindful practice in Parliament to community-wide policy level (Euroscientist)

Britain's most dangerous prisoners to get meditation lessons (Guardian)

Dangerous prisoners taught mindfulness and meditation (The Telegraph)

Britain's most dangerous prisoners to be taught meditation by prison guards in high-security units to 'quell their violent anger' (Daily Mail)

Free your mind: violent prisoners are given meditation lessons (The Times) 

Mindfulness training reduces workplace stress and absenteeism (Workplace Savings and Benefits)

Mindfulness at risk of being 'turned into a free market commodity' (Guardian)

Can You Imagine a Mindful Parliament in Britain? (Blog, Huffington Post)

Could ‘mindfulness’ make Britain happier? (Scotsman)


Coverage before the launch of Mindful Nation UK:

Meditation may prevent absenteeism by stressed public servants, MPs claim (Guardian)

Politicians joined by Ruby Wax as parliament pauses for meditation (Guardian)

Why we will come to see mindfulness as mandatory (Guardian)

Can Mindfulness Transform Politics? (Mindful)

Mindfulness: has it been hijacked by business or can it change lives? (Guardian)

Mindfulness: What is most personal is most universal (RSA)

All Party Parliamentary Group launch (Oxford Mindfulness Centre)

All Party Parliamentary Group to study the benefits of bringing mindfulness into public policy (University of Exeter)"

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