Parenting is a life changing and at times stressful event, even in the most favourable of circumstances. Mindfulness can be supportive to all parents, helping parents to be more in touch with their children and less distracted and worried by past regrets and future anxieties. Being available for connection with their children moment by moment is an important skill that can be cultivated and enhanced by practising mindfulness.

When children are learning mindfulness in school it makes a lot of sense for their parents to support that learning by introducing mindfulness in the family. For parents whose children are not yet learning mindfulness they can begin by learning about it and developing a personal mindfulness practice and becoming a mindful family.

For some parents in particularly stressful situations there is an emerging body of evidence that suggests that extending the influence of mindfulness into families can support both parents and children. Mindful parenting programmes aimed at parents in socio-economically disadvantaged families (who are at greater risk of stress) can reduce parents’ stress, increase their ability to disengage from emotionally charged stimuli, and enhance their emotional availability, thereby improving children’s well-being.

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