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The Mindfulness Initiative is predominantly a volunteer organisation that is supported by charitable donations for core costs. As such, our activity is largely limited by the time that our associates and advisors are able to give for free, so we are very interested to hear from anyone who would like to help us expand our programme of inquiry, advocacy and advice through financial support.

The Mindful Nation UK inquiry process, report creation and launch was largely funded by two donors, The Mindful Trust and the Lostand Foundation.

The Mindful Trust was set up to support not for profit mindfulness based initiatives. Since 2008, over £100,000 has been donated in the UK to promote the awareness, research and development of mindfulness. In conjunction with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, the Mindful Trust has recently launched specific Research Award Grants that attempt to pioneer verifiable results on the benefits of mindfulness practise for the human mind and body.

For more information visit the Mindful Trust website.

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